Granite Suede Tan

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Fabric Name: Granite Suede Tan

Color: Tan

Texture: Very Heavy

Fire Retardant: No


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Pair or Panel:
Pair is 2 pieces that will cover the total width of the rod.
Panel is 1 piece that will cover the total width of the rod.

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Granite Suede Tan is made of 50% Flax and 50% Cotton fabric. This fabric has a very heavy texture. This Tan fabric is a heavy weight fabric.

This Tan fabric has a very heavy texture and a rough hand and feel. This is a heavy weight fabric and hangs great in any style The Granite Suede Tan is a great fabric if you are looking to dim the light in a room. Granite Suede Tan is great with linings like a standard cotton/poly or a blackout/insulated lining but is not necessary because it is such a heavy weight fabric. Most people like to do this fabric in a Pinch Pleated or Grommet Top style. The Tan fabric works great for Hotels and Motels. Without needing a lining, it will really keep price down for bulk orders. This is a 100% Hand Made in America, High Quality Fabric.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
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