How to Measure

1. Measure the Rod Width FIRST
When measuring for drapes. You are going to measure across the front of the “drapery rod” from tip-to-tip. Do not measure around the ends of the drapery rod or the drapery rod brackets. This is called the return and we will add that for you. Just measure across the front of the drapery rod only from one tip to the other tip. We add the Overlap and Returns to the drapes for you. Overlap is where the drapes meet in the middle. Returns are the part of the drapes that wrap around the end of the drapery rod.

2. Measure the Height SECOND
The next thing you are going to do is measure the Height. When measuring the height you are going to measure from the top center of the “drapery rod” down to where you want the drapes to end up hanging.
The drapes are made to the finished height you select. If you have a standard traverse rod currently hanging, measure from the top of the drapery rod to where you are going to want the drape to hang too. For a custom rod, you are going to measure from 1 inch above the whole the drapery pin is going to be inserted.

How to Measure for Drapes