Pinch Pleating Style is the way in which the fabric is folded into narrow vertical folds as it hangs. The pleats are spaced at intervals which controls the fullness., The more fabric that is pleated into the drapery panels, the fuller the draperies become. Our Pinch Pleated Drapes come with 225% to 250% fullness. They have a 3 Finger Pleat, also known as a French Pleat. This is the standard for Apartments, Homes, Hotels and Motels.

Grommet Top Style Drapes have a 2″ inch Grommet with a 1.5 inch opening for a pole to go through. There is 1″ of fabric above the Grommet. Grommet Top Drapes come with 150% to 200% fullness, depending on the fabric break. The Grommets have a 1.5 inch opening for a rod to go through. This is more of a modern look and works great as a decorative sheer or a blackout drape.

Pocket Top Style Drapes style have a 2″ inch opening for a pole to go through. Pocket Top Drapes come with 125% to 150% fullness. This is the easiest way to do drapes. They simply slide over the rod and gather. It is also the least expensive way to go.

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