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The Hotel and Motel industry has specialized needs and requirements for window treatments. For over 15 years, American Custom Drapes has served the Hotel, Motel, and Lodging communities. We offer factory direct wholesale prices, bulk volume discounts, a wide variety of products. By eliminating the middlemen “Interior Designers, Retail Stores, etc.” We can pass these savings directly on to you.

Experience comfort and style with our Hotel Motel Drapes! These aren’t just ordinary Drapes, they’re your privacy and personal blackout, allowing you to set the mood better and sleep longer. With vibrant colors, textures, and patterns, they’re a visual treat, adding flair to your room’s decor.

Ever been disturbed by city lights or early morning sun? Not here. Our Blackout Curtains make your room a sanctuary of sleep, blocking out all external light. And don’t worry about noise. Our curtains double as a sound reduction, making your room a peaceful haven.

Safety first – our curtains are Fire-Retardant passing NFPA-701, and extremely durable? Designed to handle repeated use and cleaning, they stay fresh and good-as-new.

Remember, our curtains aren’t just about function, they’re about enhancing your guests’ stay in every possible way. Experience it for yourself!

Luxury bedroom interior with double bed and gray window curtains

Hotel Motel Specifications: kan op deze pagina gevonden worden

Blackout Drapes – We use a 3 – Pass Blackout Lining
Fire-Retardant – Our FR fabrics will pass NFPA-701
Sound Reduction – Our Blackout Lining also offer Sound Dampening
Insulated Drapes – Helps moderated temperatures
Commercial Grade – We off height duty fabrics if needed.
Lifetime Warranty – Covers Fabric and Stitching
Privacy Sheers – Helps filter light
Bulk Order Discounts – Custom pricing on quantity orders.
Proudly Made in America – All drapes are manufactured in So Cal.
Organic, Natural, and Nontoxic products – Eco-Friendly fabrics
Specialists in Hotel/Motel Drapes – We can also answer any other questions you may have.

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