The Difference Between Lined and Unlined Drapes?

The addition of a cloth lining to the back of a  lined drape fabric creates three distinct advantages over an unlined drape. For example: 1) A lined drape has superior insulation value against winter cold and summer heat. It can thereby help reduce your utility costs which is a good thing wherever you live. 2) Lined drapes also dampen or reduce sound from outside sources. 3) If privacy is something you value, then you have got to buy lined drapes. They offer you complete privacy and comfort. 4) Because the lining protects the face cloth from damaging sun rot, lined drapes can last 10 to 15 years longer than unlined drapes. 5) Light reduction – lined drapes greatly reduce the light pouring into your rooms. 6) Blackout – if you want to darken the room perhaps for sleeping, just add a blackout lining to your drape. Unlined drapes are good alternatives when you want the most economical window covering saiba mais (или mais informações). There are many colors and styles to choose from with unlined fabrics rada.

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