Traverse Drapery Rod

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Fabric Name: Traverse Drapery Rods

Color: White

Draw: Middle Draw | Right Draw | Left Draw

Sizes: 38-48 | 38-66 | 48-86 | 66-120 | 86-150

Contents: Rod and Wall Mounting Hardware

After selecting the Drape Style and Size from the Drop Downs. If you do not see the size you are looking for, select the closest size that you need. Then enter the custom size below. Drape height's over 94" inches, please call 888.334.9044. Add Discounts on the next page.
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Traverse Drapery Rods: Our Traverse Drapery Rods are the Super Fine Traverse style. They come in Middle Draw, Right Draw, and Left Draw. Within these styles, you can order them in multiple sizes. Middle Draw splits the drapes in the Middle rada. Drawing the pair of drapes to each side of the Rod saber más. Right Draw Rods pull everything to right so the drapes stack on that side. Left Draw Rods pull everything to left so the drapes stack on that side. Select the one that suits your needs. If you have anymore questions contact us directly

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